Travel Tube Uses

Take it all in the travel Tube 



The Travel Tube securely holds all your clubs, shoes and other golf essentials in a rugged, lockable, water tight container wich weighs less than 20lbs with a full set of clubs. It fits perfectly in the back of any golf cart and with its optional accessory pocket-bags, its single or backback-style shoulder strap, a club divider and dual leg stand, the Travel Tube makes such a good all-around golf bag that you may well abandon your regular bag all together. Perfect for taking your clubs through the airport and golf vacations. The Travel Tube is TSA approved for travel! 


Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and fishing require patience, but not half the patience as transporting all you equipemnt to the woods and the water. Save your energy, Take it all in the travel tube! Whether you're driving, hiking, boating, ATVing or horseback riding you way into nature, the Travel Tube will keep all your hunting, fishing and camping gear completely safe! 



Architecture and art

The Travel Tube is perfect for storing designs and blueprints for travel. Protect and transport important documents in a rugged polyethylene shell. The Travel tube can be locked with pad lock for more security of your important work.